VisibleDust Sensor Cleaning Kit DUALPOWER-X Regular Strength

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VisibleDust Sensor Cleaning Kit DUALPOWER-X Regular Strength

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The EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit DUALPOWER-X Regular Strength with VDust Plus, Sensor Clean, and 5 MXD-100 Green Vswabs from Visible Dust contains a 1.15ml bottle of VDust Plus liquid cleaner, a 1.15ml bottle of Sensor Clean sensor cleaning liquid, and five MXD-100 Green Vswabs. VDust Plus liquid is a multi-ingredient, iso-alcoholic solution that goes on streak-free, removes water and oil stains, and evaporates fast. The Sensor Clean sensor cleaning liquid is best used for water based stains and light dust contamination, yet also works to repel dust and has anti-fogging capabilities.

The MXD-100 green Vswabs have a unique fabric design that retains liquid well and prevents scratches as it cleans your camera's sensor. With a patented, contoured mini-channel, saturation is even and prevents streaks that are more common with flat surface paddles. The 1.6 x MXD-100 green Vswabs are compatible with sensors up to 16mm.

Used to Clean Digital Camera Sensor

Includes VDust Plus & Sensor Clean

Includes 5 MXD-100 Green Vswabs

For Camera Sensors up to 16mm

Removes Water and Oil Stains

Iso-Alcoholic Solution

Streak-Free and Evaporates Fast

5 x MXD-100 Green Vswabs

1.15ml Bottle of VDust Plus Cleaning Liquid

1.15ml Bottle of Sensor Clean Cleaning Liquid

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